Volunteer research opportunity for Census at Burning Man HQ

Interested in helping the Burning Man Census quantify the characteristics of participants? See below.

“After returning from the desert to your clean bed and warm showers, are you feeling any remorse? Do you wish you could have done more to assist the amazing community that you called home for that dusty week? Is your sense of civic responsibility creeping into your default consciousness?

Fear not friends; Census needs your help!

We are seeking a small army of reliable volunteers to help us with Census forms. Our 3-day volunteering party will take place September 21-23, from 10am-5pm at the Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisco. So if you enjoy the thought of shaking some dust off of Census forms, doing some quick data entry, and sorting forms while enjoying pizza and sharing your stories from the playa, this is the volunteering job for you!

[You’ll need to sign up on a spreadsheet – please contact Kristen for help]

Then please email Kristen at kristinsilver [at] hotmail [dot] com to make the final commitment to volunteer. We will follow up with day-of instructions.

Your participation will be highly appreciated in this crucial step in the Census data process. Communal effort makes our world go around!

Many Thanks!


-Census Volunteer Coordinator”